1. Who buys our sugar art? We sell to bakeries, custom cake shops, pastry chefs, brides for their wedding cakes and home bakers looking to add a unique touch to their baked goods.

2. What is Gum-paste? Gum-paste is a pliable sugar dough that can be used to sculpt and paint an endless list of flowers and other unique decorations. It is the dough that forms most of our work.

3. Can you make custom pieces? We love the challenge of making unusual pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind!

4. How long will the sugar piece last? Under the right conditions gum-paste art will last for years. Store your pieces in a dry place away from the sun to help the color stay true to avoid fading.

5. Are the sugar decorations edible? Even though gum-paste is made of sugar the items sold may contain wires and other elements that are not edible. They are for decoration only.

6. Do you have a list of things you make? The list of flowers and decorations are endless. Just ask us and we are fairly sure that if it is possible to make in sugar we can do it.

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